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Answers to your burning questions

What are the routes like?

Our planning team and route leaders are sworn to secrecy so that each route will be a surprise for you. What we will tell you: the general neighborhood where meetups will be and the mileage and type of route (easy, medium hardish). Once you are registered to ride a route, you will get the exact starting location sent to you a few hours before the ride.

Is it safe? What about cars?

Before each group leaves from the starting location, our bike experts will review bike safety.  All of our groups will obey the rules of the road such as stopping at stop signs and obeying traffic signals. By choosing to ride however, you are doing so at your own risk and Breakaway RVA and its representatives are not liable for your safety (we’ve gotta say it).

I’m not really a biker. Do I need special bike gear?

Nope, we do ask you to wear a helmet though.

Do you coordinate routes for us to get home from the end location?

Nope. This is where you choose your own adventure and best route for you to get home.

Since the rides are in the evening, what happens if it gets dark on my ride home?

We recommend bringing a head lamp, flashlight, or other illuminating device to guide you home when you are ready.

Can I bring my children?

Kids are totally welcome! If they are riding their own bike, please make sure the general milage and route level is doable for them.

What about my dog?

We are all dog lovers, however these rides are just for the human population.

Will there by food and drink for purchase?

You bet! Our routes will always end up near some tasty food and beverages, so make sure to bring wads of cash or plastic.

What about the weather?

Wheels stay on the road rain or shine! Come dressed for the weather and embrace being outside. We may cancel an event if there is a severe weather warning (think: thunder, lightening, tornado, flood), so follow us on social and through our newsletter to stay up to date!

Anything else I should know?

All we ask is that you come ride, have fun, and bring a friend!

Can I come in costume?

That’s certainly up to you, and as long as you can still ride safely – we’re all for it!

Can I imbibe while riding?

We strongly discourage this idea as it could pose safety risks to you and other riders.