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Fun monthly bike meetups.
Surprise destinations.

Make new friends, explore RVA, and help build a more bike-friendly city.

What our riders say

"My two favorite things about Breakaway RVA rides last year were 1) all the incredibly positive interaction we had with people in cars who offered encouraging and positive comments as they passed us and 2) all the different kinds of people of all ages and walks of life who joined. The ride really brings people together, and you don't need anything fancy to join!"

Braxton TindantleBike Walk RVA

"What I love most about Breakaway RVA is that it give us a chance to literally break away from our monotonous daily life to go out and play like a kid again. Richmond is a perfect place to travel on bike and since riding with the group I've learned so many safe routes and new ways around the city. Breakaway RVA is the most fun you can have in the city for FREE. Thanks Breakaway RVA!"

Chenla OuParticipant

"As a lapsed bicyclist, Breakaway RVA presented a unique opportunity to re-hone my urban cycling skills as well as refresh myself on proper bike safety in a casual, welcoming environment of enthusiasts and casual bikers alike. Breakaway also allowed my fiancé to take up the hobby after going more than a decade without putting her feet to the pedals. We now enjoy biking the streets and trails of Richmond together and have Breakaway RVA to thank for our new hobby."

Scott CastroParticipant

"Breakaway RVA is in short, the essence of Richmond. It's community and outdoor enjoyment. Exploration and advocacy. Safety and surprise. Past and emerging present. Every ride has been a joy and something the city never knew it needed. Don't think you need a friend to go to these rides. You're guaranteed to make new ones along the way. Each ride, I've gone alone and not once did I feel lonely. Can't wait for new discoveries this season!"

Ashley BahrtParticipant

"After living and biking in Richmond for more than a year, I thought I knew the city well. Breakaway expanded my sense of the city, introducing me to sunset watching spots, breweries, and even kid friendly parks and learning centers. I have a whole new perspective on our city, and I've met great people and had fun exploring it!"

David StreeverParticipant

"I joined the rides for the fun and the exposure to parts of Richmond I didn't know, but the best part has been meeting the great people I didn't know."

Miriam FordParticipant

"It's the best intersection of community, urban exploration, cycling and plain, old fun. I love the rides."

Rebecca ThomasParticipant

"All the Breakaway RVA rides I've done have been so fun. It's a great way to be active outside, explore the city and meet new people. The surprise locations are always awesome and I love exploring parts of the city I've never been to before! Ending at the governor's mansion was so cool."

Brittany MullinsParticipant

"Breakaway RVA is the greatest new bike event we've got. It does a fantastic job in introducing everyone to different parts of the city and is appealing and accessible to a very wide audience rather than just the bike nerd clique."

Ethan LindbloomParticipant